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Matthew C. Perry Schools have been fully accredited since 1969 by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), and the high school was re-accredited by a visiting team in the Spring of 2001.

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Attendance Policy:

Attendance in school is one of the best ways for a student to ensure success. If a student is not in school, the teacher cannot do his or her job. Parents should ensure that their children are in school except for emergency situations. To help parents fulfill this responsibility, we must have a means of communication between home and the school that will keep us both informed. We can accomplish this by means of a note from the parent when the student returns to school. The note is mandatory to allow students to make up missed work. The note should include the following:

  1. The student's name
  2. The date and time of the absence
  3. The signature of the parent or guardian
  4. A phone number where a parent can be contacted

DoDDS recognizes “excused” absences as those resulting from athletic events, family trips, illness, medical/dental appointments, study/interscholastic trips and “other” reasons. Any excuse that does not fit into one of these categories or seems inconsistent with educational goals will be considered unexcused. Parents are asked to help the school enforce this policy by not excusing their child for inappropriate reasons. A tally of absences for each student is kept in the office. Parents may call the office (253-5448) during duty hours to get a report of attendance for their child. The teacher will contact parents when there is a concern about the number of absences a student has or when grades are dropping because of absences.

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Our demographic information can be viewed in Powerpoint or as a webpage.

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Distance Learning

Distance learning courses may be substituted for courses that are not available at M. C. Perry High School or to pursue special academic interests for additional credits.  A maximum of four distance learning credits may be earned to satisfy graduation requirements, and under special circumstances for those with exceptional needs, more may be accepted.  Students enrolled in distance learning courses will meet in the Library or another designated classroom for that entire class period. The list of DoDEA courses, including those offered DL, can be viewed here. Please contact the counselor for more information.

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Grading Scale

Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent Explanation Grade Points AP & Honors Grade Points
A+ 97 - 100 Excellent 4.0 5.0
A 93 - 96 Excellent 4.0 5.0
A- 90 - 92 Excellent 4.0 5.0
B+ 87 - 89 Good 3.0 4.0
B 83 - 86 Good 3.0 4.0
B- 80 - 82 Good 3.0 4.0
C+ 77 - 79 Average 2.0 3.0
C 73 - 76 Average 2.0 3.0
C- 70 - 72 Average 2.0 3.0
D+ 67 - 69 Poor 1.0 2.0
D 63 - 66 Poor 1.0 2.0
D- 60 - 62 Poor 1.0 2.0
F 0-59 Failing 0.0 0.0
P   Passing    
I   Incomplete    
W   Withdrawn (Passing)    
X   Withdrawn (Failing)    

An incomplete grade indicates that all course requirements have not been completed. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate action with the teacher to complete all course requirements and remove the incomplete grade.  The deadline is established by the teacher, but at no time will the extension exceed the next nine-week quarter.  A grade of incomplete cannot be given for the last quarter of the academic year.  Any student who transfers to M. C. Perry High School must be in attendance for a minimum of four weeks to receive grades.  Grades given at the time of transfer from the previous school will be accepted as the grade for that grading period if the four-week minimum attendance requirement cannot be met.

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Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 26 units of credit is required for high school graduation. Twenty of the 26 units will be in required subjects and can be earned only in stipulated courses. It should be emphasized that these are minimum requirements. Students may graduate when they have met the graduation requirements that are usually scheduled over a 4-year period. A 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is required for graduation.

Required Courses Units

Language Arts 9, 10, 11, 12
2 years of ESL may be substituted for 2 years of Language Arts.

Algebra I and Geometry are required. The third math credit must have a course code of 400 or above; lab courses may not be used to satisfy graduation requirements.

Biology is required and either a chemistry or physics credit is required. Physics Applications in the Community and Chemistry Applications satisfy the graduation requirements.


Social Studies
1 unit of US History; 1 unit of either World Regions or World History;
and 1/2 unit of US Government required.

Professional Technical Studies
1/2 Credit must be in Computer Technology.
Second (Foreign) Language
A total of 2 credits in the same second (foreign) language.
Fine Arts
Courses used to meet this credit must relate to: visual arts, music, theater, dance, and/or humanities.
Physical Education
Health 0.5
Sub-total for Required Courses 20
Sub-Total for Elective courses 6

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Guidance Counselor

The Matthew C. Perry Guidance Counselor provides assistance to students, parents and other staff members in a variety of ways. Some of the functions of the counselor are to:

  1. Assist students with personal decisions and help them in personal crisis situations;
  2. Counsel with students regarding academic progress and factors that may inhibit learning (i.e., poor study skills, student-teacher conflicts);
  3. Provide information on colleges, careers, drugs, sexual matters, personal or social concerns, and referral resources;
  4. Advise on schedule changes for students within the school;
  5. Organize the standardized testing program as well as other group aptitude and achievement tests;
  6. Interpret test results to students, parents and faculty;
  7. Maintain accurate student records and transcripts, and forward all necessary records and data to colleges, receiving schools and employers;
  8. Counsel students regarding education and vocational plans through individual and group sessions;
  9. Maintain an accurate check on individual student schedules so that school requirements and graduation requirements are met;
  10. Advise students, parents, and the school of students who may not be or who are not meeting grade level or graduation requirements;
  11. Provide individual and/or family counsel and guidance as a follow up to significant or chronic disciplinary situations.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the services available in the guidance area by dropping in before or after school. A pass from your teacher is needed if you go to the Guidance Office during regular class time.

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Progress Reports and Report Cards

Mid-term progress reports keep parents and students aware of academic progress through the first half of the academic quarter.  Reports will be mailed to parents’ postal boxes.

Computerized report cards are mailed to parents at the end of every nine-week quarter.  When parent-teacher conferences are scheduled, report cards will also be available at the school that night.

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Semester Exams

Semester examinations are required for each academic course in grades 9-12, except for Professional Technical Studies Cooperative Work Experience courses, and optional for grades 7-8.  Exams last at least eighty minutes and count for 20% of the semester grade.  Examination schedules are established by the District Office and provided to students as soon as they are published.

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Standardized Test Scores for M.C. Perry

MC Perry's Standardized Test Scores, Writing Assessment Scores, SAT Scores, and MC Perry can be found on the DoDEA Test Data webpage.

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